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This comparison shows how the Bronco Sport is a great cheaper alternative to the Evoque
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"Now, on to the less-rugged siblings. The specs here are actually a little tighter in most respects, but the powertrain story is almost identical. The Evoque checks in where the Bronco Sport tops out, and the Range Rover gets an optional high-output variant of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four. Perhaps the Range Rover's most significant advantage is in its maximum towing capacity, which is effectively double that of the Bronco Sport's.

The Bronco Sport holds a visible advantage here in terms of off-road chops, boasting a much more aggressive approach angle, plus an extra half inch of ground clearance. These could make all the difference in the world out on the trails, but how likely are either of these to see much time off-pavement? While both offer a reasonable level of capability, they're the more-stylish alternatives to their larger, rugged siblings made to be more pleasant on pavement.

The real determining factors will probably be money and style. If the latter is an issue, the Bronco Sport's sub-$30,000 price is vastly more attractive than the Land Rover's $43,000 tag. If it isn't an issue, then it comes down to which is the more stylish, and that might be the case for both choices, so why not glance through these galleries and see what tickles your fancy?"
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