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Drove our brand new Badlands home for the first time tonight up to our Ca. Sierra home. It was getting dark as we are headed up the hill to our home and the headlights seemed terrible!! Our 2018 Escape Titanium had HID lamps which were just awesome. Unfortunately, we recently ended up totaling the Escape and needed a replacement vehicle and went with the Bronco Sport as it fit our Sierra lifestyle better. It has nowhere near the features of the Titanium trimmed Escape, however we were ok with that, but the headlight concern is a huge deal for us. I had to slow down and put the on high beams on just to feel reasonably safe. We were super stoked with the BS until it got dark and now we are super disappointed. There was a medium rain coming down and both of us had a hard time seeing. Total bummer. Im hoping it's an adjustment issue, but they just don't seem that bright.
Anybody else have this concern and/or feel the lights are good/bad?
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