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A Bronco Sport Based Truck is Coming - Ford Maverick?

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Rumors are spreading across the internet about a new Ford pickup that will be based off the Bronco Sport.

TFL Truck found a 3D model of a tailgate with "Maverick" marked on it.

Ford Maverick Tailgate

From Motor Trend:

The rumors are true. Ford is adding a new compact pickup truck to the lineup. But instead of looking like the clearly car-based Ford Courier coupe utility sold in other markets, the unibody pickup will adopt a more rugged look to satisfy American tastes.

Underpinned by Ford's front-wheel-drive-based compact car platform, the new trucklet will slot beneath the Ranger in Ford's truck lineup and is also intended to fill the gaps left by the Focus, Fiesta, and cancelled Focus Active hatch-crossover. The vehicle's exact name is still unknown, but it could bring back the Courier moniker that was last used here in the 1970s on a pre-Ranger rebadge of a Mazda B-Series pickup. Other possibilities include Ranchero or perhaps something connecting it to the Bronco family (its underpinnings will be similar to those of the Bronco Sport, after all).

Ford Maverick Rendering
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So far the above rendering is my favorite but I won't mind this front end either

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So far the above rendering is my favorite but I won't mind this front end either

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I prefer this rendering, especially if this was a 2-door.
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