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Nice! Thanks for posting this! I just bought my new Bronco Sport Badlands edition last week and like my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon I used to own a while back, I wanted to start modifying the Bronco Sport a little bit. This is going to be my second/fun/weekend vehicle, essentially. And while I'm really not into any serious off-roading, I plan on using it for things like weekend trips to my friend's farm in the country where you need 4 wheelers to get around (taking things to the dump nearby and so on), if you don't have a semi-capable 4WD vehicle to use out there.

I was thinking one of these awning accessories would be nice to have, but the official one Ford sells is crazy expensive, especially after buying the specific rail kit they say it needs to attach to the Bronco Sport properly!

Dumb question though? Are these pretty much designed to just leave attached to the vehicle all the time? Or is this more of an accessory they envision you'd keep in your garage or shed until you take a trip where you'd use it, and then you attach it to a side rail temporarily?
Sounds fun man!

Great question :)

U can leave it mounted full time. It won't get corroded or damaged. The awnings also waterproof.
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