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Ford Bronco Sport Off-Road Tire Options

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For anyone looking to go bigger on tires, you can drop to a 17x7.5 and run a 245/65r17 tire, pictured below. Trails await!

"The Bronco Sport runs a rather uncommon 5 x 108mm bolt pattern, so Alphaequipt created a new set of 17-inchers and mounted up a set of BF Goodrich 245/65-series tires. According to Alphaequipt Sales Director Kristopher Serrano, this wheel-tire combo fits under a stock Bronco Sport without any rubbing issues, including lock-to-lock turns on the front wheels.

By comparison, the Bronco Sport Base model also rides on 17-inch wheels, but it comes with a set of street-focused 225/65-series all-season tires. The Bronco Sport in these images is a snazzy Outer Banks model; arguably the best-dressed of the bunch with leather-trimmed seats though it does have some off-road chops with Ford's Terrain Management System and five GOAT modes. It rides on 18-inch wheels with decidedly street-ready 225/60-series tires.

Dropping back to 17s makes room for the taller tires, but unless you opt for the Outer Banks, all other Bronco Sports get 17-inch wheels standard. The largest tire size from the factory is a 235/65, optional on Badlands and standard on the First Edition, so there's space for just a little more rubber on a stock Bronco Sport. Still, it's amazing how that small upgrade makes such a dramatic visual difference. In Badlands trim with seven available GOAT modes, we suspect this would be a surprisingly capable machine off the beaten path.
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Hello, does anyone know how to move the digital speedometer display from the right side of screen to the middle of tachometer?
I have the First Edition Bronco
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