Fortunately the driver and passenger of this Bronco Sport survived the drop. Check out this police report from the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office on what exactly happened.

"Deputies have learned that the women were driving up Bridal Veil Road and entered the one-way Black Bear Pass going the wrong way. The passenger told Deputies they did not see the sign indicating the beginning of the one-way pass. After a couple of switchbacks they decided it was best to turn around. The passenger then stepped of the vehicle to help the driver navigate, and while backing up, two of the wheels went high enough on the embankment to cause the vehicle to begin to roll. The 2021 Ford Bronco [Sport] rolled off the cliff an estimated 400 feet, ejecting the driver, the dog, and the vehicle’s engine before coming to a stop.”

San Miguel Sheriff Bill Masters also shared some words of warning.
“Black Bear Pass is an extremely dangerous road and should only be driven by experienced off-road drivers in appropriate off-road vehicles. Legally, a 16 year-old who got his driver’s license a few hours prior, may attempt to drive the pass in his grandmother’s 1980’s sedan. That doesn’t mean it’s safe to do so.”
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