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Ford Doubles 2021 Bronco First Edition Production Due to High Demand

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Ford Doubles 2021 Bronco First Edition Production Due to High Demand
Ford is doubling production of the $60,800 Bronco First Edition after the initial 3,500-model run sold out in mere hours.

It’s safe to say the reborn Ford Bronco is a big deal. When Ford unveiled the new off-roader last week—and its littler Bronco Sport sibling—it also announced digital pre-orders had opened. For just $100, interested parties could put their name down for a Bronco of their own, including the limited-run First Edition. With just 3,500 initially available, the First Edition sold out quick. Now Ford is doubling the production number.

The news comes via a Ford email sent to those with First Edition reservations. In it, Ford states that “due to overwhelming demand for the First Edition, we made a one-time increase to the quantity available, 7,000 total.” It also clarifies that the FE is once again sold out. What isn’t clear is whether this happened after the increase, or if Ford oversold reservations last week. If current FE reservation holders are bothered by it now being twice as common as before, they can either change their trim level at the time of order later this year, or cancel their pre-order. The $100 charge is refundable.

You can read the entire email at the FullSizeBronco forums.

What will those 7,000 folks get with the Bronco First Edition? The top trim gets all the goodies of the Badlands trim, heated seats, plus the Lux and Sasquatch packages on top. It also gets a smattering of badges marking it out as a (slightly less) limited edition. Ford will ask $60,800 for the First Edition; what dealers demand will be a whole other story.

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