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Hello - Ohio

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Hello, I'm Don from Ohio. I just traded in my 2020 Mustang GT on a 2022 BS Badlands. My wife has a 2021 BS Badlands. Loved the Mustang and used it as a test bed for datalogging/tuning, but felt limited by when/where I could take it out. Loved the power and the looks - it was the 5th or 6th Mustang I have owned. But I hated not being able to go out when it snowed, and I never wanted to even take it our in the rain. Plus the trade in value on the Mustang was about what I paid for it two years ago. Loved my wife's BS, so I got one too. Mine is Area 51 with the tow package and adaptive cruise etc. Her's is more loaded, but I did not need leather and a moonroof. Though her sound system is much better.

I own and operate LaSota Racing Technologies, some of you may know of us. No worries about me posting spam here as we currently do not do custom tuning on Ecoboost. But we will someday do a book on tuning EB if I ever get the time.

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Greetings from the east coast of Canada. I too have switched from sport car to the Badlands. Had Nissan 350Zs for years but got tired of storing it every winter. I’m really enjoying the Badlands.
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