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Latest 2021 Ford Bronco Teaser Shows Off the Whole Family

Ford’s hotly anticipated Bronco SUV will make its debut on TV, including ABC, ESPN, and National Geographic.

UPDATE (July 06):
Ford has dropped another teaser today, with just one week to go before the Bronco’s big reveal. In it, the American automaker confirmed that next Monday’s event will include the reborn two-door, a larger four-door model, and the on-road-oriented Bronco Sport.

The video (above) gives us our clearest official look yet, with brief glimpses of the Wrangler-fighter. We get to see the familiar face, with its circle-and-line lighting signature cutting through all the dust. There’s plenty of silhouetted shots of the Bronco in profile too, enough to draw a clear parallel between it and the classic 1966 model. Both are blocky and upright, and as before, owners will be able to remove most of the upper body panels on the two-door.

We also get a clearer look at the rear of the new Bronco here. The taillights form a B-shape, because of course they would.

It’s not surprising Ford will be offering a four-door alongside the classic option. Once Jeep brought an extra set of ports to the Wrangler a few years back, the majority of Wrangler sales have been for the larger model. Ford likely knows it can’t succeed with only a niche model.

To that end, next Monday’s reveal will also show off the smaller, softer Bronco Sport. It’s expected to share the Escape’s platform and engine lineup (1.5- and 2.0-liter EcoBoost motors), according to recent leaks.

Ford also announced it will be opening four “Bronco Off-Roadeos” across the country next year. The experiences will over lessons and events for owners and enthusiasts to get the most out of the new Bronco.

The original article remains below:
2021 Ford Bronco teaser image grille Disney network announcement

The Blue Oval is gearing up for a huge new reveal. No, not the F-150; that already happened. As important as America’s best-selling vehicle is, Ford has another model it wants to share with the world. We’re talking about the reborn Bronco—and to debut it, Ford is partnering with a titan of another industry, Disney.

The road to the new Bronco has been a long one. Back at the beginning of 2020, Ford targeted June’s Detroit Auto Show as the 2021 Ford Bronco debut venue. Of course, a global pandemic happened, derailing that plan. More recently, Ford announced July 9 as the day we’d finally see the new SUV. Unfortunately, the internet realized this was OJ Simpson’s birthday—the man arguably most associated with the Bronco after his 1994 highway chase in one. Whoops. Ford moved the date to the following Thursday, and it’s enrolled the Mouse House to help make a big splash.

The American company will air three custom 3-minute films shortly after 8:00 PM ET that day. They’ll show up in the first commercial break on three networks: ABC, ESPN, and National Geographic. Streaming site Hulu will feature all of them on July 14. In addition, Ford has enlisted Disney’s CreativeWorks department and professional climber (and director) Jimmy Chin to create the short videos. Chin won an Academy Award last year for his Free Solo documentary, which was a collaboration between him and his wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.

Perhaps most surprising here is that Ford has called this a debut for the “Bronco family.” This could mean we’ll see not just the Jeep Wrangler competitor, but also the smaller, more road-oriented Bronco Sport. Both models are expected to feature EcoBoost engine lineups, while the larger Bronco will get removable body panels and a seven-speed manual transmission.

Coinciding with the debut, Ford will be opening up the reservation books for the new Bronco. Interested parties will be able to put their name down for the low price of $100.

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