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MPG at various FWY speeds

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I just passed 3,000 miles on my FE Bronco Sport. Finally got it dirty! I like the on road and off-road handling, it manages dirt road washboard at 40 MPH easily and without difficulty. I had a chance to compute MPG on this last trip to Sedona,
AZ and back. 24.3 MPG first tank, CA was 70+, AZ was 75+..Second tank 24.6, mixed fwy at 65 and dirt road, city. Third tank 30.1over one mountain pass then 65+. Fourth tank 26.0 70+ all the way back. Love the Bronco Sport!
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I love the First Edition you have but I am so glad I went with the Outer Banks for the MPG, still under 1000 miles but so far I am averaging (30% city/70% hwy) 31.6MPG. Why I traded my Taco in.
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