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Newly bought Bronco Sport

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Finally traded my wife's 2021 Trailblazer in on an Outlander Bronco Sport. We've been trying to get one for her for the past few months, but they had been bought before they even got off the truck. As soon as we got in one we noticed a huge different in ride quality, even with the 50psi in the tires from delivery it was smoother and has more travel than the Trailblazer did. Looking forward to seeing what the aftermarket has available now and what will be available in the future.
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Welcome to the forum @sentient64 and congrats on getting your Bronco Sport! Was the ride quality the reason why you got rid of your Trailblazer? Or was there something else?
The biggest reason for me was the "automatic steering assist" in the Trailblazer. It felt extremely twitchy and I just didn't like driving it, though the wife didn't mind it so much. The steering, ride quality, and road noise were all reasons we wanted to switch, plus my wife loves the more rugged look. Another issue we had is that the cargo area wasn't enough to fit our groceries in and we had trouble fitting our stuff in it for an overnight trip. I also don't think the aftermarket for the Trailblazer will take off and much more is already available for the Sport. I wanted something that my wife could take the kids and dogs to the river in by herself and not have to worry about her getting stuck as there are some spots where our Xterra will three wheel. Overall even though we're paying almost double for the Sport, due to being upside down on the Trailblazer, it just makes more sense for us. Plus comfort wise its a big step up and even the base outlander audio system is better than the Trailblazer LT with the technology package.
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