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Hello to all,

I was looking for information about wheels that would work on the 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands I just bought 7-6-2022, and suddenly, I find myself looking at Bronco Sport Talk. I wasn't looking for a forum, but I might as well join and find out what's up right?

I had seen some of the Bronco Sports around this area of Vermont and they looked like pretty solid so I thought I'd take a closer look when I could find one at the dealership closest to me. The Toyota Highlander I had was getting pretty well worn and it was time to move on. I really didn't want to know how much it would cost to pass the next inspection, so we ended up at the dealers with two choices. A Badlands or an Outer Banks. I didn't find either one irresistible but the Badlands made the best impression.

After a couple of visits I broke my piggy bank and we brought home the new Bronco Sport Badlands. Not new to Ford, or even the Bronco line. I used to have a Bronco II. This is a new world of electronics and technology. The many Ford vans I've had never came close to the dash on this Bronco S., so I'll be looking for tips and trick along the way, and some aftermarket toys as well. Hopefully I can give as much as I get, so I'll be seeing you.
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