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2021 Bronco Sport Big Bend
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Hey everyone. I have searched this forum for an answer so if this has already been addressed please provide a link to the post.

I have a 2021 BS Big Bend. I have noticed recently that when I am cruising on back roads (45mph or so) and I started to accelerate again gently I start to get a weird shutter from the front of the car. It's audible and you can feel it. It almost feels like I have a manual car and the car is in a higher gear then it should be. It doesn't feel like it is going to conk out but it almost sounds like it wants to. For me to get the sound and feeling to go away I have to give the car more gas and it like kicks out of it. Is that normal?

I bought this car pre owned from a dealer ship with like 9000 miles. It currently has 12k on it.
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